Hi everyone my friend I were talking at break and we talked something random and it was about fruit's best friends it might sound weird funny I think just read and you decide.

  • Apple is BFF with Bannna
  • Orange is BFF with Pear
  • Strawberry is BFF with Blackberry
  • Grapes is BFF with Cherry

Now the fruit enemy that I just thought of now AKA 28/01/14 18:03

  • Apple vs. Orange
  • Bannana vs. Pear
  • Strawberry vs. Grapes
  • Blackberry vs. Cherry

Now the fruit like the characters of Violetta  or Violetta Fanon WikiI just thought of now AKA 28/01/14 18:06

  • Apple is Violetta Castillo because apples are sweet and Violetta is sweet.
  • Lemon is Ludmila Ferro because lemons are saor and Ludmila is saor as in mean.
  • Bannana is Tomas Heredia because bannanas are simple fruits that most people eat eveyday and Tomas is a simple lad.
  • Watermelon is Leon because watermelons are tough and in Leon's promotional pictures he looks tough.
  • Blackberry is Francesca because blackberrry is black and Francesca has black hair.

Well that's it I'm posting this on the Violetta Wiki Violetta Fanon Wiki Write Away Wiki Wiki Violetta and Decendants Wiki.

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