• Ally2002

    Fruit's best friends

    January 28, 2014 by Ally2002

    Hi everyone my friend I were talking at break and we talked something random and it was about fruit's best friends it might sound weird funny I think just read and you decide.

    • Apple is BFF with Bannna
    • Orange is BFF with Pear
    • Strawberry is BFF with Blackberry
    • Grapes is BFF with Cherry

    Now the fruit enemy that I just thought of now AKA 28/01/14 18:03

    • Apple vs. Orange
    • Bannana vs. Pear
    • Strawberry vs. Grapes
    • Blackberry vs. Cherry

    Now the fruit like the characters of Violetta  or Violetta Fanon WikiI just thought of now AKA 28/01/14 18:06

    • Apple is Violetta Castillo because apples are sweet and Violetta is sweet.
    • Lemon is Ludmila Ferro because lemons are saor and Ludmila is saor as in mean.
    • Bannana is Tomas Heredia because bannanas are simple fruits that most people eat e…
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