Jr is the Son of Jafar one of D”s most heroic characters from Disney itself. He is not only J”s Son But He is also the Heroic Leader of the Hero Kids. He has a lot of powers like Jafar his staff is yellow on the top and red on the bottom He can also turn into a Cobra but only if needed not all the time. He can also insult Villains like his Dad but he’s good at insults like Jafar. He is in love with Lam The Daughter of Maleficent. He loves her very much and will do anything to keep her safe from danger or Evil things Family Jafar-Father J-Brother Jay-Brother Aladdin-Uncle Jasmine-Aunt Iago-Uncle Sultan-Uncle Aura-Cousin Ad-Cousin Go-Cousin Maleficent-Aunt Aurora-Aunt Phillip-Uncle Relationship-Lam

Jay is portrayed by Booboo Stewart.                                                                                                                                                                                    


Jr is very smart funny sarcastic and powerful like his dad. He can make any of his friends laugh if he says something that his dad said from the movie he will try to copy him and make them laugh by saying what he said in a funny way. He loves Lam and will always protect her from evil if she is surrounded by danger or harm Jr will come to her rescue and save her


Jay is a handsome and attractive young man with wavy dark brown hair that falls down to a bit below his shoulders, dark brown eyes and deeply tanned skin. He seems to favor red and black leather clothing and muted tones.


  • He likes to steal.
  • Like his father, he likes lamps and checks every one he can get for genies.
  • He and Carlos seem to be close friends.
  • It is possible he has good balance because during the video for Rotten to the Core, he is seen jumping onto a pipe.
  • He is seen dancing with Audrey in the ending credits.
  • He is a good athlete.
  • He is seen in a red beanie most of the time.


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