Evvie royal
Full Name

Princess Evie Devon Poppy Whitney Joelle Joanie Jacky Tina Margarita Sandy Diana Cecelia Salt Mae Oona Mia Barbara Jordan Brianna Shawty Oprah Adelynn Allison Kimberly Grace Tara Abby Jana Karma Charisma Lolly Laura Rosella Portia Vivian Lucy Lynn Lana Lori Leni Fashion Paparazzi Kuma Danielle Dora Ramona Zoe Delia Jr.


Blueberry Princess, Baby Girl, Morticia Black



Date of Birth

April 10, 1998



Resides in

The Isle of the Lost (formerly)
Auradon Prep (currently)

Eye Color


Hair Color



The Evil Queen (mother)
Unknown father
Snow White (step-sister)
The Prince (stepbrother-in-law)


Chad (former crush)
Doug (boyfriend)


Mal (best friend), Ben, Carlos De Vil, Jay, Doug


Chad (currently)

Portrayed By

Sofia Carson

Princess Evie is one of the main characters in the Disney Channel Original Movie (DCOM), Descendants. She is the daughter of the Evil Queen, the antagonist of Disney's "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" and she lives on The Isle of the Lost with the other villains. She is offered a chance at redemption by Ben, the benevolent son of Belle and Beast.

She is portrayed by Sofia Carson.

The New Girl In Town!​Edit

Disney Descendants involves many actors/actress', some well known. But, it also introduces new characters, including Sofia Carson. This is Sofia Carson's first acting job! How surprising?! She looks like she's done it all before! This doesn't mean that it is going to be her only acting job, because we can expect to see her more often!!


Evie has a evil side mixed with a perky side. She's boy-crazy and loves to rule others. Evie loves everything pretty and elegant, and let's her mother do just about anything to her to make her more beautiful. She is not necessarily "bad", but everyone overestimates her because she is the daughter of the Evil Queen.


Evie is a beautiful girl who thinks she is the "fairest of them all". She has medium-length curly blue-black hair, lightly tanned skin and brown eyes. She prefers to wear shades of blue and black.


  • She likes to think she's the fairest of them all. She is Mal's best friend and is like a sister figure to Mal.
  • She owns her mother's magic mirror (which has shrunken due to time and the island's barrier) and uses it often.
  • Since she is the daughter of the Evil Queen, that would make Snow White and the Prince her stepsister and stepbrother-in-law.
  • It is possible that she is a princess because of her mother being a queen but it is revealed to Audrey that The Evil Queen has no royal status and neither does she.
  • Evie also flirted with Jay on the lsle of the Lost.
  • Mal states that Evie is a very smart girl.
  • When Evie was a little girl, she owned a dog named Breslin, daughter of Bolt.
  • Evie has always wanted a boy but her ex crush Chad called her a gold digger


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